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Bitell is the pioneer in reporting Bitcoin news from China. It provides readers the latest news and information, Bitcoin industry trends, technologies, miners, practitioner companies, Chinese Bitcoiner communities and Bitcoiners' original stories etc. If you want to hear everything about Bitcoin and other digital currencies from China, Bitell is your first choice.
Bitcoin Fiction

New Money--A Rags-to-Riches Story of a Chinese Bitcoiner

A Serialized Web Fiction by Rockxie
282 days 7 hours 46 minutes ago
Bitmain has just released updates and related specifications of 28nm chip and S3 on thinks forward and moves non-stop, and that is why BM1382 is beautifully here laying on the table now, only 7 months after we announced our BM1380 first to the world.

282 days 12 hours 49 minutes ago
KnCMiner updated  progress on its official website: Neptune In Assembly.We’re pleased to announce touch-down of the first batch of our new …

282 days 13 hours 24 minutes ago
ROCKMINER updated its progress on Being tied up with mass production of Rocket Box lately, we hereby would like to extend our apology for not updating the progress in time.Here are the main updates:1. We are still making every effort to produce miners. Rocket Box and…

284 days 6 hours 48 minutes ago
Along the booming development of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies in China, related industries are developing as well. Digital philanthropy is one of them. Eternal Spring is the first digital philanthropy organization in China. It was founded on 4 May 2014 by a young man called Moke. Taking advantage of the transparency, anonymity and safety of digital currency, this organization wishes to realize fairness…

284 days 13 hours 39 minutes ago
By attending BTCChina's 3rd Anniversary celebration, many Bitcoiners coming from diferent parts of China gathered in Shanghai. Here's the visit to BTCChina's office:

284 days 13 hours 52 minutes ago
15 June, 2014   ShanghaiOn BTCChina's 3rd Anniversary celebration gathering, Leon Li, CEO of Huobi, released their new platform BitVc which was registered by Huobi's subsidinary company in Hongkong. The website is still in progress of Beta Test. During the gathering, Huobi handed out a few invitation for trial. Orientat…

285 days 1 hours 10 minutes ago
15 June, 2014    Shanghai BTCChina was founded on 9 June, 2011. This weekend, BTCChina celebrated  the 3rd Anniversary with Bitcoiners coming from different parts of China. Founder of BTCChina Yang Linke and CEO Bobby Lee hosted the gathering. …

286 days 7 hours 39 minutes ago
ROCKMINER has released its new product: Rocket Box.  The parameters are as below: The Rocket Box is now accepting orders. Currently domestic price is 3400 yuan/unit. International price is 900mBTC/unit. Check the official website here:…

286 days 8 hours 20 minutes ago
BTCGarden was one of the earliest involver in miner manufacturing. But there 's no new product since their 40G Blades. Now they're developing the new one: btcgarden-am-v1 with AM Gen3 40nm chips, 310GH/s with power consumption of 324W. Every miner is consist of 2 blades,16 chips in each blade. 1. Uppacking Unpacking photo: neat packaging which is acceptable for courier company.

286 days 11 hours 7 minutes ago
Following the news that was nearing control of 51% of the bitcoin network’s hashrate, industrial bitcoin mining facility operator BitFury has released a new statement saying that it has moved 1.5 petahash of its hasing power out of the major bitcoin mining pool.The company, which operates two large-scale mining facilities in Finland and Iceland and recently 

287 days 3 hours 58 minutes ago
Dividends of ASICMINER shares further stimulated the rising of the share price. There was never a stock offering such exaggerated dividends before. I was once an A-shares holder and had completely forgotten what dividend was. To this point, I finally learnt what real value investment was.Dividends which were beyond expectation stimulated everybody’s nerve. People went …

287 days 4 hours 4 minutes ago
The price of bitcoin on the CoinDesk US Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) declined on 12th June to a low of $568.87 after reaching a high of $634.38. The dramatic price swing, however, was followed by a slight recovery to $582.29 at press time.The price decline began at 13:00 (UTC) before accelerating sharply at 19:00, dropping from $616 to the day’s low. However, by 22:30, USD bi…

288 days 12 hours 51 minutes ago
UPDATE (12th June, 18:45 GMT): Updated with comment from HashPlex investor and SecondMarket CEO Barry Silbert.Bitcoin miner hosting company HashPlex has completed a $400,000 seed round led by Barry Silbert of SecondMarket and senior Facebook engineer Jason Prado.Bernie Rihn, co-founder of 

288 days 13 hours 32 minutes ago
12 June, 2014  As One of the biggest BTC trading platform , BtcTrade(BtcTrade.c…

289 days 3 hours 41 minutes ago
When Q told me ASICMINER chips had succeeded in taping-out and passed through the test, I was a little slow to react for not following up the progress for quite a while. I was not clear about what the news meant indeed.Q also mentioned that ASICMINER had nearly used up the fund for chip tape-out, they were short of money to proceed the next step making the miners. So they needed to raise fund again. Q asked me if i had money to lend to Friedcat, they would offer interest.…

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